Kingsvale, NSW 1963

Kingsvale, NSW 1963
A view of Kingsvale station, looking north towards Cowra c1963. Courtesy Ken Ames, "From Grease to Gold Braid".

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pendon Museum

Hi all,
Been a while since my last post due to holidays, Easter and then a business trip to Europe.

Last weekend, I did get time to visit Pendon Museum near Didcot/Oxford in England.  This has long been an ambition of mine because I really admire the ability of the Poms to model their landscape and buildings and Pendon seems to be the pinnacle.

The highlight is their layout called "The Vale Scene", a vast layout based on an area known as The Vale of White Horse in the 1930s, on the GWR main-line. 

As expected, I was impressed and inspired.  I stocked up on Wild Swan publications and left with a very warm feeling indeed.

I attach some photos, from which you might get the idea.

Happy modelling



  1. I cannot think of a greater inspiration than Pendon, it is simply head and shoulders above anything else I can think of. If you are unaware, you can become a friend of Pendon. They will take CC so it is easy to do.

    Eileens Emporium is a brilliant place to get tools, metal and the like from. Good prices and excellent service. Very highly recommended.

  2. Hi Craig,
    Yes, there's only a handful of layouts in NSW that I've seen that come anywhere close.
    I could become a friend of Pendon, but from this distance, I couldn't see the benefit. I guess there is a benefit for them. I can definitely see that we could learn a lot from them. It also provided some background to MRJ and Wild Swan books, both of which frequently refer to techniques used at Pendon.
    Also good to hear a local recommendation for Eileens. Generally the Brits are less savvy with internet and e-mail and dealing with them can be more difficult.