Kingsvale, NSW 1963

Kingsvale, NSW 1963
A view of Kingsvale station, looking north towards Cowra c1963. Courtesy Ken Ames, "From Grease to Gold Braid".

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A visit to the ARHS

Hi all,
It's been a while since I posted - have been distracted by other things, lately.  But a few weeks ago, I visited the Railway Resource Centre in Redfern and was pleasantly surprised by what I found!  Here are several samples from their colour slide collection. 

This lovely photo of a tour train leaving Kingsvale is rich in details.  The fresh sleepers in the left foreground, the stone coloured ganger's shed and the soil and foliage colours are all very helpful.  Mid 60s.

This is from a series of photographs taken at Demondrille station during an ARHS tour.  There's also some great details here - the footbridge and station sign in particular.

A 50-class shunting atop the coal bunker.  The gangers sitting on the trestle don't appear concerned. 




  1. Also note the painted end of the rails. This is common in all metal working industries where thicker lengths of steel (particularly rolled sections or various shapes of bar). I wonder if there's any photos out there of painted rail joints?

  2. Great photos James. The second one (of 5412) in particular has so much useful detail for weathering! Enjoying your progress, keep it up!