Kingsvale, NSW 1963

Kingsvale, NSW 1963
A view of Kingsvale station, looking north towards Cowra c1963. Courtesy Ken Ames, "From Grease to Gold Braid".

Saturday, 5 October 2013

A great day...

Hi again,

Had a great day today, combining some family time with a visit to the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition. This exhibition really seems to get bigger every year, and it is not possible to see everything thorougly, particularly with two children in tow. So I focused on the important retail stands. I didn't spend too long at any of the exhibits, but the Wallerawang and Binalong layouts looked good, as well as the Lego "outback Australia" layout - very clever and creative and popular with the kids.

The crowd grew quickly after 10am and many of the usual suspects were spotted. Exhibitions (and most railway enthusiast happenings) do sometimes feel like some sort of live "Embarassing Bodies" event with the higher than average concentration of ageing men in anoraks and desert boots who look and smell like they could do with a good wash. But it did strike me that, for the time I have been in this hobby and the size of the crowd there, how relatively few I know well.

The rtr models are generally getting better and better. I was persuaded by Oscar Deluca to buy some SDS BCW wagons, which I had previously felt were a bit outside my era. But he was right - they are probably the most accurate and detailed NSW prototype ready to run models we have had to date. Anyway, I want to run a 48 class eventually so a BCW or three won't be out of place.

With the glut of rtr models, it's hardly worth building kits anymore, but rather than regret this, I now feel that I can concentrate on being the Traffic and Way and Works Branches, rather than spend my modelling time being a rolling stock supplier. For the time poor, this is not such a bad thing.

I also picked up some SDS Tulloch 10,000 gal tank cars, some Austrain 1915 CVs and a twin pack of Austrains FOs. Even these are very impressive, ready fitted with internal carriage lighting. I had intended to pick up some of the Trainorama MRCs, but the "pinstriped" sides, representing the tongue-and-groove timber cladding, is overdone. A bit disappointing; it's probably otherwise a fine model.

For a bit of colour, here is a shot from the Wombat Road bridge at Demondrille, taken last week.
Happy modelling!


  1. It was good to meet you. It's always good to put a face to a blog and I too thought it was a good exhibition. Your right about the average age and the inverse affect it has on personnel grooming, however throughout the day there did seem to be a more youthful influence this year. Maybe it's just that I am getting older......every year as it happens.

    Looking forward to seeing the blog progress.



    1. Good to meet you too, Linton. I have really enjoyed your blog posts too over the last year or two. There did seem to be a more youthful influence - I don't know where they're all coming from and we don't seem to have as many opportunities to meet these new people, such as a Branchline Modellers Forum. Having said that, I haven't been to the "Modelling the Railways of NSW" convention since it moved to Loftus and have not as yet made it to the New England convention, which is apparently a good one.